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Easy steps to making candles

By Majorie Slaney

A good few people have a passion for candles. Candles are utilized every single day by quite a few people for numerous various purposes. A good few of us think of candles when the electric supply goes out, we put them on birthday cakes and we will often utilize them to add a fresh scent to our home. Candles can set the mood for a awesome event or a relaxing bubble bath. There are so many nifty things to do with candles.
But, if you have ever purchased candles before, you know that they may be very expensive indeed. And you normally get what you pay for which means that the cheap products are not worth the trouble of buying them. Since the cheapest candles are not good and better candles can cost too much money, you might be wondering if a person may have any different alternatives. Well, guess what? You do! You can always produce your own candles.
Producing your own ones is not quite as hard as you may believe and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it. Simply read on and get a few materials and you will be making your own personal hand made wax candles in no time.
Before you get under way, you are going to need to go to a art supplies shop to buy some materials for your project. The good news is that the supplies are simple and wont cost much. All you want is some special paraffin wax and a selection of candle wicks Then you will also need coloring and scents of your choice. You also want a special double boiler, a wooden spoon and a stove. A thermometer will also help you confirm the water is the right temperature to produce candles.
Stages of candle making
1. Now that you have found ingredients, you are definitely prepared to start out. Get some wax and smash it up into small parts.
2. Now warm the water in the double boiler and add the crushed wax. Now utilise your thermometer and be confident the wax gets up to 160 degrees.
3. Stir the candle makers wax and add your color choice a little at a time until you achieve the target colour.
4. Now you can add the scent if you are going to utilize one. Be sure the wax stays the correct temperature while you are mixing and adding.
5. Now cut your candle making wicks to the length you want. Commence dipping the candle wick into the hot wax.
6. Pull the wick out and allow it to cool. Carry on dipping and cooling until your candle is the length you want.
7. Carry on this process until you dip for the very last time and let the candle cool down as required.
8. When your candle has totally cooled, you can cut away any unwanted wick and your candle is now ready to use.

About the author:
Marjorie Slaney is the webmaster of
Find Candles which is a
premier source of information about Candles. For more
information, go to: http://findcandles.com

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